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The History of Hamam (Turkish Bath)


The hammam, also known as the Turkish hammam or Turkish bath, is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna. Although the first hammams originated in Arabia, and bath culture was a central part of Roman life, Turkey popularized the tradition (and is most often associated with it) by making hammams available to people of all statuses.


What is it like?

The hammam ritual is rather simple, but it does involve several steps--all aimed at cleansing and relaxing--which many modern-day hammams still utilize. Typically, the treatment lasted a set period of time, but visitors were free to lounge in the cooling areas for as long as they liked.


1. Relax and Prepare

As you enter the camekan, or entrance room, there are areas for changing and a place to have a cup of tea or a cold drink before or after the bath.


2.Adjust to the warmth

Before you encounter water, the specialist will bring you to a transition area, the iliklik, or intermediate room, where you receive your towels and adjust to the heat.


3.Full Body Scrub and Soap Massage

From there you enter the hararet, or hot room, which houses the large marble belly or navel stone. Bathers, arranged on marble slabs around the fountain, alternate basking in the high humidity and being vigorous and thoroughly scrubbed by an attendant. Following the scrubbing, there is an application of special soap (including shampoo, if requested).


The History of Hamam

A Tradition that's been revised over the years by a number of cultures, Hammams go beyond their place in Turkish History- Many are popping up today in the U.S. as contemporary versions of their ancient counterparts. These Humid-Room-Meets-Detoxifying-Scrub-And-Cleansing sessions go beyond the typical spa treatment with influences that reflect an authentic ancient ritual.



In Turkey, hammams were viewed as social centers where special occasions were celebrated. Even wealthy people who had access to hammams in their own homes would frequent public ones for the social and business aspects.

Most hammams had spiritual components, and, according to some religions, washing was an essential part of worship. It is this purification factor that is attributed to making hammams a part of everyday life.


Structure of Hamam

The sicaklik (also known as the hararet, caldarium or hot room) is a large marble-tiled room with a Göbek tasi (marble slab called a belly or navel stone) raised in the center, surrounded by alcoves of corners and benches. This is where individuals relax enjoying the skin-softening humidity, and where the scrubs, soaping and massages are administered.

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Pamper yourself at our boutique Turkish Bath & Hamam  for wellbeing.
Pasha Spa is part of the boutique Pasha Hotel that is located in the heart of Camberwell, Pasha Spa offers a tranquil, soothing space that will revitalize your mind, body and soul through authentic rituals and treatments that are inspired by the East.
 Allowing the stress of the city to melt away.Step through and experience the delights of a traditional Turkish Bath & Hamam where you are steamed and scrubbed down, exfoliating dead skin to leave your body feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. Our range of a head, body or foot massages will help relieve tension and release energy. Or indulge yourself with one of our luxury spa packages. Step out feeling clean, relaxed, refreshed and new.
All our treatments are conducted by experienced therapists and we also provide private self experiences with natural products.
Pasha Spa can also be hired for exclusive, private sessions for you and your partner, your family or friends (up to 6 people), making it the perfect place to celebrate a Hen Do or Birthday Party with your own group.
Our facilities:
Turkish Bath & Hamam  with Steam and Private relaxation lounge
Treatment room
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Everyday from 10:00 to 20:00


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Testimonials About Pasha Spa



The Pasha Spa in Camberwell offers a classic Turkish experience and does good deals for couples.

The Telegraph - Ben Falk London-based journalist and author.


What a suprise we had,This ordinary building on the less than glamourous Cmaberwell Road hides a beautiful little marble room where steam swirls around white basins and arnote brass taps.And so, to bath people everywhere, I say get yourself Pasha Spa bubbles, mud and throwing water around, not only is it good for you.It is simply brilliant fun!

Southwark Weekender - Emma Alies


Camberwell Road`sPasha Hotel and it`s Authentic Turkish Bath Hamam & Spa,complete with a steam room, is one hidden gem,Cambewell was historically aspa town,people travelled long distances to take the waters from the Camberwell well,renowed for its healing properties.Now Pasha Spa brings those days of luxur back to contemporary Camberwell.

Southwark News - Oliver Pugh


Envelop yourself in warmth at Pasha Beauty with a Turkish Bath: tried and tested.

After all great step our skin felt smooth and silky and we were complimented on our new glow thanks to the effects of the soap and steam.
Wahanda - Charlotte Mothers Freelance Writer.


“Beautiful place, excellent service very much recommended”

We went to Pasha Spa on Sunday as part of a hens package and were not dissapointed at all. The staff were friendly, explained everything to us and made sure we were very comfortable and looked after.None of the experience felt rushed, it was a lovely venue, very quiet and peaceful and the tea and fruit platter were spot on. I love it there and will be going back again and again with friends, ive recommended it to everyone.Thank you for your hospitality, you made Angela's birthday perfect Onder. Visited September 2012

Social Media - FaceBook - Tripadvisor - Gemma Dallas


"Fabulous Experience"

It was my first Hammam experience and it certainly won't be the last. We travelled from Milton Keynes to Pasha and it was really worth it. Do not be put off by the surrounding neighbourhood because this place is a real oasis.We were met in reception by Onder who was welcoming and friendly. Once we had the paperwork completed, he led us to the room and carefully explained everything, especially the privacy and security of the room - very reassuring.The steam room was superb and well-appointed. It is all marble which (apparently) conducts the heat better than tile. The body scrub was just amazing. Then followed what Tim walled the Ibiza Foam Party. Onder covered me in warm soapy suds and then carefully massaged it into my (very clean) body.The whole experience was simply amazing and the effects exceeded all my expectations. Onder is highly skilled and very professional.Following our hammam we decided to eat at the restaurant at Pasha. We had a good meal, were entertained by a belly dancer and had a throughly good experience. Give it a try!!!

Social Media - FaceBook - Tripadvisor -Colin BH


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